About Hirota

Hirota is a family owned business based in Tokyo, Japan. They make world famous karate uniforms - known as karate dogi - and other accessories; their tremendous passion for karate is clear from the high quality of their products.

The Hirota family learned their trade from the old masters in the business. By listening closely to the wishes of karateka and instructors, they developed the karate dogi further and eventually created their top model; the Pinac.The quality of the fabric (developed especially for these dogi) and the finish of the Pinac is absolutely outstanding.

Hirota dogi are mainly made and finished by hand, including the application of logos and names. A visit to their shop in Tokyo is a treat for any karateka. Clearly Hirota has passed their knowledge further on in the family, who sit at their sewing machines working hard on karate-related products soon be worn by karateka around the world. Newly finished dogi, belts, books and other accessories are spread out across the shop. The attention and care that goes into Hirota products is amazing.

Hirota is justly very proud of their dogi and have every right to say: "Hirota is the best karate dogi available today"

Besides the Hirota dogi, Best Karate Gi also offers karate accessoires such as belts, protective gloves (for kumite), makiwara, DVD's and books. 


Best Karate Gi has closed down

Dear customer,

As of the end of October, Best Karate Gi has seased it's activities as supplier of Hirota dogi.

For now this website will remain online in order to inform you of this situation, but this too will soon close down.

We apologise for any inconvenience; if you have any questions please contact us via email.